Can't Wait For: Jessica Lemmon's The Billionaire Bastard (Billionaire Bad Boys #3) January 2017

 Available January 2017
Elijah Crane has been out of the marines for nearly a year, but his lost limb isn’t the crux of his problems. It’s his brothers’ insistence he take over as Chief Operations Officer of Crane Hotels. When he says no to COO, they send over personal assistant after personal assistant to keep Eli involved, but he isn’t having it. One by one, Eli scares them off. Until his new assistant arrives. She’s sex-in-stilettos… and impossible to intimidate.

Isabella Sawyer refuses to let a stubborn ex-soldier ruin her budding business’s reputation. He may have served the country, and paid a huge price, but that’s no excuse for his boorish behavior. When her latest PA leaves Eli’s house crying, Isabella sends over the best assistant she knows: herself.

Eli soon learns Isa is a wolf in sheep’s clothing—the owner, not an employee. Drawn in by her strength, and an undeniable attraction, he reluctantly accepts the help she offers. But when dislike turns to lust with the potential of more, Eli finds himself backing off. He’s no good for Isa and he knows it, but the closer they get, the harder it is to walk away. Two good legs or not…


It's Jessica Lemmon.  It's Bad Boys.  It's Billionaires.  I don't need anymore reasons to buy this! Ooohh, wait...I need something to read if it's a snowy January! 

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