Spring Romance Reccomendations from Amazon

An excerpt from 10 Upcoming Books with Buzz via Omnivoracious:

Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn - I admit I've already read this, because I tossed away all personal responsibilities and burrowed into the couch with this book in hand as soon as I received it. And I enjoyed it immensely, as I do with most of Julia Quinn's novels, especially those that revolve around the Bridgertons or Smythe-Smiths. Quinn is in her element here, slowly building the relationship between two people who've grown up next door to each other but have always had a somewhat prickly relationship until...well, until they find themselves trapped together on the roof of an abandoned farmhouse. Quinn's newest takes place one generation before her bestselling Bridgerton series, with our heroine Billie Bridgerton being the older sister of Edmund Bridgerton. It's a different era, with the colonials in revolt over in America, but Quinn's fans should adapt quite happily.

Doing It Over by Catherine Bybee - Bybee's bestselling Weekday Brides series matched wealthy men with smart women. (PS—The men were smart too; it wasn't like the ladies were hitching themselves to dumb turkeys.) In her new series starter, Doing It Over, a woman voted Most Likely to Succeed returns to her home town feeling anything but successful but still searching for a way up. Her romantic interest is a handsome builder who loves small-town life. (I'm seeing a fair number of hot contractors in romances these days, probably because we all appreciate a hero who's good with his hands.) I'm guessing that this new series is about people who are jump-starting their lives after suffering disappointment, and I have no doubt that we'll root for them, as Bybee always does an excellent job of crafting empathetic characters.

Dirty by Kylie Scott - Tattoos? Check. Male musician (well, former musician)? Check. Young woman who's done everything right but is now prepared to do something really, really wrong (or at least a little dirty)? Check. I enjoyed Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series immensely, with Lead as my favorite of the four books, and I'm ready and willing to follow Scott into her new series that revolves around bartenders.

Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett - I do, actually, pick up books based on their covers, and this sassy, sparkling cover grabbed me as soon as I saw it. Then I read Sawyer Bennett's book Hawke last month, and now I'm excited about what's on the inside, too. It sounds like this epically hot romance will evolve over the course of three books, with the finale hitting in October, so be prepared for a lot of drama. (Though I admit I'm not loving the final book's title, Sugar Free. Too close to Fifty Shades Freed, plus anything sugar-free tends to taste worse than good ol' sugar-strong.)

Make sure to click on the link to read the entire article.  What are some Spring 2016 books that are on your can't miss list?

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