Book Review: RESCUING THE BAD BOY (Second Chance #2) by Jessica Lemmon

Not All Scars Heal

For Donovan Pate, the lake town of Evergreen Cove is a minefield of tough memories-including the day he had to let go of Sofie Martin. Years later he still can't forget the taste of her lips and the feel of her killer curves. He knows he's too damaged, that he should stay away for her own good. But what the head says and the heart wants are two very different things . . . 

Seven years ago, Donovan broke Sofie's heart. Now her career depends on playing nice in order to pull off the charity fund-raiser of the decade. She vows to keep things professional . . . yet working by his side every day doesn't make it easy to fight temptation, and it isn't long before she finds herself falling for this bad boy all over again. But loving Donovan means helping him face his past-so they can fight for a future together.

* * * * *
Oh, man...Donovan Pate broke my heart and then made it all better by the end of the book.  I'm not kidding.  I can't remember the last time a hero's story devastated me the way Donovan Pate's did!    I was all prepared to not like Mr. Pate based on the tiny teaser I read in BRINGING HOME THE BAD BOY.  Evil boy dumps virginal girl after relieving her of her virginity--how dare he!  But Jessica Lemmon's spectacular writing proved that Donovan Pate is more than worthy of a second chance.  I honestly believe he's my favorite hero of 2015, so far (and the other heroes I read this year will have a lot of catching up to do if they want to outdo Donovan Pate).

Donovan was raised in an abusive home by his abuser father and his grandmother, who looked the other way.  Donovan grew up not believing he was loved or worthy of love or kindness.  He doesn't know how to handle the beautiful Sofie Martin who loves him with her whole heart, who believes that he's a man that's worthy of her kindness and love.  So of course he handles it badly when he gets his first real taste of love and kindness.  It leads him to reject Sofie cruelly, and he runs to the Hamptons.  He stays away for seven years, the only reason he returns to Evergreen Cove is to get rid of the mansion that he inherited from his late grandmother.  

Donovan and Sofie cross paths again when he tries to get her to move the fundraiser for abused children she's hosting at the mansion.  This doesn't sit well with Sofie, who's none to happy to see Donovan again seven years after he cruelly dumped her and ran.  She's moved on and determined to prove it not only to Donovan, but herself as well.  

Jessica Lemmon tells their love story, and Donovan's story, with such a beautiful grace.  I honestly had to set the book down a few times because I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I don't think I've been happier for two people to get their happy ending than I was for Donovan and Sofie.  Ms. Lemmon has another winner on her hands!  



Rating:  4 out of 4 Stars.  This book belongs on your keeper shelf!

Book Facts:
RESCUING THE BAD BOY (Second Chance #2) by Jessica Lemmon
Forever/Grand Central Publishing,  June 2015
ISBN:  978-1-4555-5806-3
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